About Rocks & Roses

Picture Me Beautiful Wedding Photography & Film-2Rocks and Roses have been planning weddings in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura for over 10 years, and Sue’s impressive CV includes over 15 years’ experience in events management in a variety of roles. Her proudest achievement (before arriving at Rocks and Roses) was the organisation of an international conference in 1998 for Johnson and Johnson in the French city of Toulouse, which drew delegates from as far afield as the USA, Eire and the UK, as well as France itself.

Sue has since moved on linguistically from French to Spanish, having relocated to Lanzarote in 2006. Transferring her skills to wedding planning has meant she’s been able to fulfill her dreams. Sue is grateful to be aided and abetted by her dedicated team, who put their varied skills to work in order to ensure that Rocks and Roses wedding days are memorable for the right reasons.

A quick look at the testimonials Sue’s received, will reveal why her job satisfaction is at an all time high!